What Are The Different Types of Coffee Beans?

What Are The Different Types of Coffee Beans?

March 21, 2020 0 By Emma Johnson

Coffee is the whole world. If we start from its raw material, the coffee bean, we will find two great types of coffee beans in the world: Arabica and robust. However, there are variations adapted to local crops with their own plantations; almost all of them are given below:


The Arabica coffee variety (large clear seed) contains little caffeine, between 1% and 1.5%. While the robust (dark and small), offers an amount of between 2 and 3 times greater coffee extraction.


This grain is characterized by having a low acidity, and for having a flavour that is somewhat reminiscent of chocolate. Although it is not contrasted, it is said that for these flavours, the coffee with chocolate preparation is called mocha.


After Moka, this is the most popular variety of coffee beans. It was introduced in the 17th century by the Dutch; remember that at that time, part of Indonesia was its colony. The grains produced in that place were exported to Europe and became very famous.

Kenya AA

A mandatory procedure in Kenya’s plantations is the sorting of all the seeds produced. With a total of 9 categories, ranging from the lowest, whose name is UG3, to the highest distinction, AA. Hence the name of this grain.


It is actually a volcanic and mountainous region of Costa Rica, whose name is used to refer to this variety of coffee beans. It is considered by many coffee experts as one of the best varieties.


Only between 5% and 10% of the grains have this characteristic and although other plantations in the world begin to use this selection, this method is generally associated with Tazmania coffees.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

It is the name by which the most extensive and varied natural park in Colombia is known. In addition, it is a coffee area whose plantations are recognized for the quality of their harvests, and for being sustainable in this natural environment. It is known for having an acid and bitter tone, and in turn, it gives off a caramelized flavour with hints of toast.


Specifically, this seed is grown in the Harrar (or Harar jugol) region, which was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by Unesco. The entire process of harvesting, drying, and roasting is done manually, all a work of craftsmanship.


It is believed that the region that gives it its name is where the first coffee bushes originated, a region located in southern Ethiopia. Local legend has it that a shepherd accidentally tested the plant. Thanks to the effects of caffeine, he looked smarter than usual, and when other people noticed, they also began to try it.

Kopi luwak

If there is a type of luxury coffee beans, it is certainly this. Currently, its price is around € 400 per kilo. But what makes it so special? Well, this seed is part of the feeding of the civet, an Indonesian mammal, whose stools contain the semi-digested seeds … we know, at the outset it doesn’t seem like a very good idea, although its price says otherwise.

Mandheling and Lintong

Another of the Indonesian varieties that have become most popular. This is for much less demanding pockets than the previous one.

Toraja Kalossi

This is the variety of coffee beans from Indonesia; these grow on the island of Celebes, in its mountainous areas. It is highly appreciated throughout the world for the good body it presents in infusions, and for its balanced acidity.

Blue mountain café

Coming from Jamaica, and exported mainly to Japan, it is one of the most exquisite varieties. It is not strange to find prices of around $100 per kilogram. If you drink a little of this coffee, what you will notice moments before, is an intense and very pleasant aroma, with a slight acidity, and a striking softness.