Tips On Healthy Coffee Consumption

Tips On Healthy Coffee Consumption

December 24, 2019 0 By Emma Johnson

Few things are as comforting as a good cup of coffee . Until not long ago, coffee had a bad reputation. He was officially accused of causing sleep disorders, raising blood pressure, speeding up the heart rate, and even being potentially carcinogenic. However, new studies show the possible benefits of coffee for health — next, all you need to know for healthy coffee consumption.

Benefits Of Coffee For Health

Generally, only the stimulant properties of coffee are considered, but research in the last 20 years makes it possible to state that moderate coffee consumption:

  • It reduces the risk of certain types of cancer and types two diabetes.
  • It can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  • It improves mood, concentration, and energy.
  • It would increase the amount of good intestinal bacteria.
  • Reduce post-workout muscle pain. Healthy coffee consumption

On the other hand, they continue to study its effects in reducing the risk of more types of cancer, cognitive impairment, losing weight, and reducing the risk of falls in the elderly. These benefits are due to the antioxidant properties of coffee, thanks to its chlorogenic acid content.

And the risks?

In the face of this good news, it seems that the old risks of drinking coffee have been forgotten. However, problems caused by an excessive amount of caffeine should not be forgotten. The safe daily amount of caffeine is 400 mg in healthy adults, which equals 4 cups of coffee.

Drinking coffee in moderation avoids known risks, such as dehydration, increased blood pressure, or increased cholesterol levels.

Tips For Healthy Coffee Consumption

  • To discover your healthy coffee consumption, analyze the effects on your body. Some people feel good with three or four cups; others do not tolerate more than two.
  • The more natural, the healthier. Avoid handled coffees, such as mixed coffee or roasted coffee.
  • Avoid or limit sugary coffee. Three cups daily equal the maximum recommended consumption of sugar per day: 25 grams. Combine it with cinnamon or vanilla to decrease the natural bitter taste.
  • Do not use coffee as a food replacement or to stay awake. Your body needs nutrients that are not in coffee and restful sleep.
  • Avoid decaffeinated coffee: this process eliminates coffee antioxidants. However, this type of coffee can be healthier for pregnant women or people with caffeine sensitivity.
  • Cold or hot: Although cold coffee has become incredibly popular in recent years, it has the same properties as hot coffee.

Now you know how to organize your healthy coffee consumption. Moderation is key!