If You Are A Coffee Lover, You Need These Apps On Your Phone.

If You Are A Coffee Lover, You Need These Apps On Your Phone.

December 24, 2019 0 By Emma Johnson

It was never so easy to be a coffee expert. The lovers coffee we have at our fingertips the apps necessary to become all about baristas. These mobile applications will allow us to read information about coffee to be trained in the most technical, see recipes, calculate our proportions, or consult a guide during the preparation. Some serve to discover new places to enjoy the best cafes in the cities you visit or organize with your coworkers for coffee breaks.

Expresso Coffee Guide

This app gives you the keys to prepare the perfect coffee: you choose the recipe, the type of coffee maker, and it tells you what the best proportions, the preparation time, and the steps to follow are. A complete guide to preparing your favorite drink in a professional way.


This app will guide you to prepare the most amazing espressos, and you can learn about grains, roasts, and countries of origin of coffee. It has instructions to make your drink in both French press coffee machines and Chemex or drip. Calculate the proportions automatically, and you will have at your disposal a timer with the step-by-step instructions for each method.

That Brew App

In this app, you will find all the details to prepare your coffee in different types of coffee maker with its own timer, in addition to a lot of recipes for you to experience. It is customizable, so you have many options to choose from, and you can also add your own recipes.


This app allows users to tell their coffee experiences all over the world. Wherever you travel, you can search for the places with the best coffees, sorted by score, and with reviews from other users so you can enjoy the best coffees in the city. You can rate; add photos and information about places to help other people find the best coffee shops.

You already have the keys: organize, prepare, and discover new coffees with just one click. You no longer have excuses; with these apps, you will learn to prepare your coffees in a simple way, and you can enjoy the best coffee experiences. What are you waiting to download and try?