All About Coffee Vending Machines

All About Coffee Vending Machines

December 21, 2019 0 By Emma Johnson

The pace of life of people is increasingly accelerated, which has conditioned the way of conceiving certain customs such as, for example, coffee. This change has, in turn, caused coffee vending machines to be in full growth in recent years. Although in Spain this sector is stable, today they are beginning to promote much more advanced coffee machines that give us much more information about it and the process of making coffee. In this post, we are going to talk about the different types of coffee vending machines and their functions.

How Coffee Vending Machines Work

Coffee vending machines work in a very simple way: they are machines that are placed in an office or where the customer needs and dispenses coffee automatically. These machines can be rented, so the customer should not worry about their maintenance or cost, or buy. In addition, there are companies that add the type of coffee to this service.

In fact, the evolution of coffee sales through this system has been increasing for years. In Spain, coffee vending machines began to be massively implanted in the 1960s. The majority came from Italy where there was, and still exists, an important market in this sector.

Automatic Coffee Vending Machines

The first group refers to those machines that are capable of preparing a specific number of services without the intervention of either the manager or the consumer. This type of vending machine only requires that the customer enter the payment method or press the button of the drink he wants to drink if it is free. The machine is responsible for preparing and serving it in the glass.

Currently, companies like Jura are marketing super-automatic coffee machines that allow the POS payment system that works perfect for any micro-credit card payment, NFC by mobile, and even through an Apple watch. Another system is through a virtual wallet.

This allows companies that opt ​​for the option of a coffee machine for their office that their employees dispense their own coffee without using cash. In this case, it would be the corporation who would decide whether to offer it for free, being she the one to make the payment through a virtual wallet or provide its employees with bonuses.

Also, these machines have automated sales, that is, they do not need staff and serve coffee anytime, anywhere. This manages, on the one hand, to reduce costs and, on the other, to encourage the consumption of the beverage by making it more comfortable and accessible.

Semi-Automatic Coffee Vending Machines

The second group of coffee vending machines is very similar to the previous ones with the main difference that, in this case, the glasses must be placed by the consumer. Similarly, sugar and teaspoons are not served with coffee, but it is the customer who must take care of putting them.

Another of the basic differences in the types of coffee vending machines is the type of coffee they use to make their drinks. This data is very important since the final result of the cup will depend on the raw material. This translates into: if the coffee is bad or of poor quality, the result will be a mediocre cup; however, if the coffee used is a specialty, the technical characteristics of this type of machine will only make the result optimal.