How To Order A Coffee In New York

How To Order A Coffee In New York

December 20, 2019 0 By Emma Johnson

Ordering coffee in New York is not so different from ordering it anywhere else in the world. Even so, it is possible that the first time you visit a cafeteria, you make a mess with the types of coffee and milk, sizes, tips.

It happened to us when we moved to the city. But, a few hundred cups of coffee later, we are already clear about what usually confuses travelers the most.

So today, we tell you everything, everything so you can order a coffee in New York without hesitation and start the day with a caffeine shot and a good bagel. Enjoy!

Types of coffee in the United States

These are the most common types of coffee in the United States, and you’ll find in almost any cafe in New York.

Starbucks coffee chains make it a little harder since they create their own beverage names. But, so as not to roll up too much, we will set aside frappuccinos, and we will stay with the classics.

  • Coffee (or drip coffee). The cheapest and simplest coffee of all: if you order a dry coffee, they will serve you a cup of filter coffee.
  • Americans are used to it, but, for travelers, it is sometimes undrinkable (that is, bad, very bad), since it is very watery and bitter.
  • The coffee they serve in the street carts is of this type. You are likely to be asked: milk and sugar? (With milk and sugar?) . If you have a slightly refined palate, you better ask for any of the other coffees on this list. If you only need a caffeine shot, go ahead … and may the force be with you!
  • Very short coffee served in a cup of espresso. It is much more concentrated and dense than the filter coffee ( coffee ), and with it, all the drinks that we will talk about next are prepared, such as the American, the latte, the cappuccino.
  • An espresso with some frothed milk. It is served in a cup, so it is a good option if you prefer a small coffee.
  • A very long coffee that is prepared by adding water to a dose of espresso. If you like coffee alone, we recommend you order American instead of coffee. It is more expensive, but it is more concentrated and has more flavor.
  • What we understand by coffee with milk, but in XL version, like everything in the United States. It is espresso with frothed milk and a thin layer of foam.
  • Very similar to a latte but with a thicker layer of foam.
  • Also similar to a latte but, in addition to espresso, milk, and foam, it also has chocolate.

Coffee prices in New York

How much does a coffee cost in New York?  When we moved to the city, and they charged us $ 4 for coffee, we almost fell on our asses. But better mentalize yourself: good coffee in New York is usually expensive.

There are always options to save, of course. If you order a coffee alone in a street cart or a McDonald’s chain, it will be cheap.

But, if you order a little more brewed coffee in a modern cafeteria, get ready to drop a few more dollars!


  • The cheapest coffee is coffee, the filter coffee. It costs $ 1 – $ 2 (in street carts or in delis) or about $ 3 in some restaurants and coffee shops.
  • In most coffee shops, latte coffees will cost you about $ 3.5 – $ 4.5.
  • In restaurants, latte coffees can cost about $ 5.

Putting what you learned into practice

Time to put into practice what I learned to order a coffee in New York!

If we have confused you with so many ideas, here are a few practical examples where, in addition, you will see how the words are sorted:

  • Hi, can I have a small latte to stay, please? – Can you give me a small latte to drink here, please?
  • Hi, I’ll have a large oat cappuccino, please (or a large cappuccino with oat milk). – Put on a big cappuccino with oat milk, please.
  • Hi! Can I get a small American decaf to go, please? – Can you put me a small decaffeinated American to wear?
  • As you can see, the order of adjectives and nouns is as follows: coffee size – a type of milk or decaffeinated – coffee.

Do not be afraid to ask for something very specific, since New Yorkers ask for the strangest and most personalized coffees you can imagine, replacing this with the other, asking for this as well and so.